Artist Tacha Reed at SaltScapes Expo, 2017

Working in the arts has always been in the cards for me. After a childhood spent creating, using whatever materials available, it was no surprise that by the age of seven I was firmly committed to living the life of an artist as I grew up.

After attending specialized art classes as a teen, I began my post secondary education studying photography and digital imaging, before shifting my focus towards graphic design, printmaking and film studies, eventually receiving a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in 2003.

Upon graduation I began teaching art to elementary and junior high students and for over two decades I have continued to work as a photographer, designer and event planner, collaborating with many artists, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations.

Since relocating to the tiny community of Ellershouse over a decade ago, my artistic practice has grown to include the creation of tactile fine artworks and products that make use of natural and recycled materials. These days I primarily create using wool from local British milking sheep raised in Avondale, which I carefully hand dye prior to transforming the fibre into vibrant felted wall hangings and functional items like hats and purses.

After taking on the role of facility manager for the Avon River Heritage Society Museum in 2013, the tidal river that surrounds the historic waterfront park became an ongoing source of inspiration for my artwork, especially evident in my 2019 felted series of maps of the Avon River and the Windsor Causeway, entitled ADAPT, as well as my graphic print Year of the Salmon and the corresponding installation Ghost Salmon/Spirit Salmon, which was placed along Simpson’s Creek in Newport Landing in June of 2019. In 2020 I elaborated on this installation, beginning work the series, Spawning Fish of the Avon River, which currently includes an Atlantic Salmon, Gaspereau, Brown Trout, Smelt and a Frost Fish (also known as the Tommy Cod).

When I’m not working or creating I continue to pass along my skills and knowledge by leading fibre art workshops and demonstrations, and by actively volunteering with groups like the Avon River Arts Society and the Full Circle Festival to organize cultural events and activities in the Avon River area.

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